Privacy Policy

The Legal Resources Center from Moldova (LRCM) is an independent, apolitical, nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that contributes to strengthening democracy and the rule of law in the Republic of Moldova through research, monitoring, and advocacy. The LRCM is the administrator of and may collect and process various cookies and personal information about you as a user of this website in line with the security protocols in place.

What information do we collect when you use this website? 

When you navigate through the website, it automatically collects certain digital information and stores it in log files. This information may include the Internet protocol (IP) address, the general location from which you used your device to access the website (down to city level), the type of browser, the operating system, the time you accessed the site, the link of the accessed page, and the page view history. This information is also known as “cookies.”

If you use the payment module for donations, we may process certain personal information, such as surname, name, address, and/or other types of information required for these operations. We will use this information only to receive donations and will not store and/or keep it.

That you access our website and accept these terms and conditions, announced in the consent banner that pops up when you visit the web platform for the first time, serves as the grounds for collecting information.

From the legal standpoint, we collect information in line with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (Act 133 of 8 July 2011) and the Requirements concerning the Security of Personal Data Handled with Data Processing Systems, approved by Government Decision 1123 of 14 December 2010.

Purpose of data collection

We collect cookies for statistical purposes, to analyze and to improve your experience of surfing through This information cannot identify you personally but can help us to understand your preferences when you access our web platform.

The personal information you introduce when you make a donation is collected to enable the LRCM (or its partners) to process banking operations.

Who has access to the collected information?

The LRCM analyzes and/or processes your information by means of platforms or services offered by Google, WordPress, or in case of donations, PayPal, PayNet, and Patreon. These third parties may keep certain information sent with your consent. You can find out more detailed information in the privacy policies of those platforms.

How long do you keep the collected information?

Most statistical data (the time spent on the website or the accessed pages) gets anonymized and stays available for analytics for an unlimited time. Other information (the type of the device you access the site from, searches, or navigation data) is kept for a maximal period of 26 months or until you decide to delete the navigation data in your browser.

Final provisions

This privacy policy may be updated depending on the technologies used by the LRCM in managing its web platform. Since we do not collect email addresses when you access our site, we cannot notify you about possible changes. We recommend that you consult this page from time to time to stay up to date with any changes that may come.