LRCM Presentation

We are a non-governmental, non-profit, independent, politically unaffiliated organization that contributes to the consolidation of democracy and the rule of law in the Republic of Moldova through research, monitoring and advocacy activities. We started in 2010 and operate through public policy analysis and advocacy, justice monitoring, reactions to dangerous decisions with systemic impact, informing and raising awareness of society and development partners, strategic litigation, trainings and other empowerment activities.


Our goal is to build a genuine democracy in the Republic of Moldova. We believe that we, all citizens of the Republic of Moldova, can live better if the judiciary system serves justice and does not offer privileges, if acts of corruption are punished according to law, if individual rights are respected in all circumstances, if access to public office, the judiciary and the administration is based on merit and not on interests. We are building the rule of law from within, through monitoring, analysis, reactions, concrete solutions that improve the legislative framework, judicial practice, the situation of civil society and human rights. 

LRCM Mission
We promote an independent, efficient, and accountable judiciary, efficient anti-corruption mechanisms, observance of human rights, an enabling environment for civil society and democracy

In these areas we identify problems with systemic impact, propose solutions, put them on the public agenda, react to abuses and mobilise partners for change for the better.

LRCM Values
We believe in democracy, rule of law, human rights, and values of an open society.

LRCM Vision
We live in a prosperous, democratic state where people are free and accountable, live safely, enjoy equal opportunities, are protected by law, trust the judiciary and are confident in their future.