Natalia ROTARU

Communication Specialist

Natalia joined the team of the Legal Resources Centre from Moldova in April 2023.

She started her work in the field of communication in 2011, being responsible for the creation of text and visual content, as well as promoting the work of the British NGO Lumos Foundation in Moldova. From 2017 to 2023, she contributed to raising visibility and managing media relations for the Czech NGO People in Need in the Republic of Moldova.


Natalia’s experience includes producing communication materials for websites and social media, engaging in jointly organized campaigns with other colleagues from international teams, and facilitating visits of foreign journalists. Natalia has created articles and visual content reflecting the themes of children’s rights, inclusion of people with disabilities, education through documentary film, as well as humanitarian aid interventions for Moldovan families hosting refugees from Ukraine.


Natalia received her Bachelor’s and then her Master’s degree in Communication Sciences at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the Moldova State University.


Natalia’s mother tongue is Romanian. She knows English and Russian at an advanced level, as well as French and German at a beginner level.