The Legal Resources Centre from Moldova (LRCM) is seeking a consultant or a team of consultants for the final external evaluation of one of its pivotal project aimed at enhancing the situation of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) in Moldova. Scheduled between March and May 2024, this assessment is important for measuring the project’s impact on improving HRDs’ conditions and their ability to carry out human rights work more effectively.


The evaluation aims to determine the project’s success in bolstering human rights monitoring and protection, as well as quantifying the extent of assistance provided to HRDs during its implementation. Key evaluation criteria include the project’s relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, and overall impact. This comprehensive analysis will not only scrutinize the achievements and challenges faced but also provide recommendations for future initiatives.


Requirements for the consultant

Applicants for this consultancy role are expected to possess significant experience in project evaluation, a deep understanding of the Moldovan or regional HRD and CSO environment, and proficiency in English, with Romanian or Russian as an added advantage.


The Consultant (company or individual) shall have proven experience in project evaluation with at least 5 years of experience. 


Persons who directly benefited from the implementation or provided services within the project are not eligible.


The selected consultant(s) will engage in a participatory and consultative evaluation process, employing methods such as desk studies, interviews, and reviews of project documents and reports.


Key deliverables

Deliverables include a methodology/action plan, a draft evaluation report for LRCM’s review, and a final evaluation report that encompasses an executive summary, project background, main findings, and recommendations for future actions.


The final report is due by 20 May 2024, with findings to be presented at the project’s closing event later that month.


Interested candidates and legal entities are invited to submit their applications by 13 March 2024, including a detailed methodology proposal, previous relevant experience, and a financial offer in EUR.


Evaluation and selection process

First, a review of the formal requirements will be conducted. It includes screening to determine whether a complete package of documents has been submitted in accordance with the terms of reference.


During the second evaluation stage, the technical proposal will be analyzed by the members of the evaluation committee. The cumulative method will be applied at this stage, and scores will be assigned based on the following criteria:


Max. point

Envisaged methodology and action plan, including evaluation tools for the assignment


Knowledge of Moldovan or regional Human Rights Defenders context


University degree in Law, Political Sciences, Democracy, Public Policy, International Development


Proved experience in project cycle management


Experience in evaluation of at least three projects implemented by the civil society organisations / in evaluation of the EU funded projects. Record of participation in assignments of similar evaluation or degree of complexity




Only proposals that accumulate a minimum of 75 points in the evaluation of the technical proposal will qualify for the next evaluation stage.


The lowest qualified financial offer in the competition will receive 100 points score, and for the subsequent offers, the score will be calculated using the formula: (value of the minimum offer / value of the evaluated offer) * 100.


The cumulative method will be applied in the final evaluation of the applications. The contract will be awarded to the candidate achieving the highest cumulative score from the technical and financial parts of the proposal. In determining the final scores, the accumulated score for the technical proposal will carry a weight of 80%, while the financial proposal will carry a weight of 20%. Thus, the Final Score = Technical Proposal Score * 0.80 + Financial Proposal Score * 0.20.


Disbursement and payment modalities will be agreed upon by both parties and specified in the contract with the Consultant. 


All applicants will be notified of the decision regarding selected proposals after the completion of the selection process. Preselected participants may also be invited to the interview stage.


For any clarifications on the assignment, please e-mail us at


NOTE: LRCM reserves the right not to choose any candidate in case the offers received do not meet the desired requirements mentioned in this ToR.


LRCM is an inclusive and diversity-friendly employer. We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and encourage applications from all qualifying candidates. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, colour, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital or parental status or other category protected by law. All applications received will be processed with strict adherence to the confidentiality of the data provided.