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18 March 2017
PURPOSE OF THE ASSIGNMENTLRCM seeks to contract a consultant/ team of consultants (Consultant) to undertake both evaluation of implementation of the LRCM 2013-2017 Strategy and facilitation of the drafting process of a new Strategy for 2018-2021.Main ObjectiveThe LRCM plans to conduct an evaluation of implementation of its 2013-2017 Strategy. The main goal of the evaluation is to assess the extent to which the LRCM has achieved the stated results, the adequacy of the used methods and the impact of LRCM’s work, as well as the flexibility and responsiveness to the current needs in the justice and human rights fields in Moldova. The evaluation should also include recommendations regarding LRCM’s further working methods and areas of intervention. The evaluation conclusions and recommendations will be fed into the formulation of the next LRCM strategy for 2018-2021. LRCM plans to develop its next 2018-2021 Strategy in a participatory manner, involving the LRCM staff and governing bodies, facilitated by an external Consultant.Specific tasksPart I: Evaluation of the 2013-2017 LRCM Strategy:assess the extent to which the LRCM has achieved the results planned under its 2013-2017 Strategy;assess the strengths and weaknesses of the LRCM’s working methods, as well as the structure, processes and systems that could have affected (or contributed to) the achievements of the Strategic objectives, identify reasons for the deviation (if any) from our approaches & strategies to be used in the formulation of the new strategy;identify key lessons learnt, best practices and LRCM’s success stories of change for replication and scaling up in the new strategy;assess the extent to which the LRCM has demonstrated transparency and accountability in the implementation of the 2013-2017 Strategy, as well as flexibility and responsiveness to the new challenges in the areas of justice and human rights in Moldova and recommend areas of improvement to be introduced in the new strategy;assess emerging trends, issues and opportunities that LRCM should consider for including in the new Strategy.The evaluation shall focus on the period of July 2013 – March 2017.Part II: Facilitation of development of the new 2018-2021 LRCM Strategy:elaborate a skeleton for the new strategy;facilitate a two-day workshop on drafting the new Strategy;submit proposal for the new strategy based on the workshop discussions.METHODOLOGYThe Strategic evaluation assignment is expected to be conducted in a consultative and participatory way. LRCM expects the Consultant to use the following methods: desk review of LRCM regulatory documents and selected products, interviews with the staff, selected donors and direct beneficiaries (face-to-face interviews when possible), as well as other methods as deemed appropriate by the Consultant. The Consultant shall draft the methodology and consult it with LRCM prior to initiating the evaluation. Critical reflection and learning is integral to this process thus the Consultant will be expected to plan for and ensure the engagement of the LRCMs staff in evaluation processKEY DELIVERABLESThe Consultant shall provide the following deliverables, depending on the services provided:Draft methodology, including evaluation tools;A draft evaluation report;Final evaluation report, including recommendations for the next strategy;Draft skeleton for the new strategy;Proposals for the new LRCM Strategy for 2018-2021, based on conclusions and recommendations of the workshop on drafting the new strategyAll deliverables shall be presented in Romanian or English. The exact report format will be agreed upon with the Consultant prior to commencing the assignment.TIME LINEThe evaluation shall be conducted between 24 April and 31 May 2017, with the final Evaluation report to be delivered by 26 June 2017. The new LRCM Strategy for 2018-2021 will be drafted in July-August 2017.REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CONSULTANTThe Consultant (company or individual) shall have skill sets in (i) evaluation and (ii) strategic planning with at least 5 years of experience. Additional requirements include:Preferably, a Master’s Degree in law, political sciences, democracy of civil society;Solid experience in project cycle management;Solid experience in evaluation and/or formulation of strategic plans of CSOs;Excellent writing, reporting and communication skills;Proficiency in English.APPLICATION PROCESSInterested Consultants should submit their proposals via email to by 5 April 2017, including the following components:* Cover letter, including references to previous relevant experiences and an outline of the envisaged methodology for the assignment (outlining the overall approach and suggested methods, including approximate timelines);* CV with two references for similar assignments. Optionally – a sample/summary of similar assignment can be attached;* Financial offer in USD, with the breakdown of costs per evaluation of the current Strategy and, if applicable, for elaboration of a new Strategy. Companies are invited to send their financial offers including VAT, with possibility to render services at 0% VAT upon submission by the Beneficiary of the confirmation package, and individuals – net amounts.Note: for foreign individual candidates – if selected, the tax resident certificate issued by the relevant tax authority of the country of origin will be requested.Disbursement and payment modalities will be agreed upon by both parties and specified in the contract with the Consultant.For any clarifications on the assignment please email Olga Bucurenco at CRITERIAThe offers will be evaluated based on the following criteria:CriteriaMax. pointTechnical Envisaged methodology for the assignment25Expertise, knowledge and experience in the field of project cycle management15Experience of strategic planning formulation, monitoring and/or evaluation20Experience with CSOs10Knowledge of Moldovan context of operation of CSOs10Master’s Degree in a relevant field (law, public policy and management, public administration etc.)5Financial offer15TOTAL100