Justice Programme Director

Vladislav is the interim Director of the Justice Programme. He was President of the Moldovan Legal Resource Centre from 2010 to 2022. He has worked in the non-governmental sector since 2002. His expertise is mainly in the field of justice reform and the European Convention on Human Rights.

He was involved as expert in the drafting of the Moldovan Justice Sector Reform Strategy for 2011-2016, as well as in the reform of the Moldovan legislation on organization of the judiciary, civil procedure and criminal procedure. Vladislav also led the group of experts that prepared the draft legislation for the reform of the Moldovan Prosecution service. He was also involved in the elaboration of the Moldovan Law on freedom of expression and of the Law on Governmental Agent.

Gribincea is member of the Moldovan Bar. Since 2002, he is representing applicants before the European Court of Human Right, as well as in strategic domestic litigations. He appeared before the European Court of Human Right in many landmark or particularly complex cases, such as Ilaşcu and Others v. Moldova and Russia, Guja v. Moldova, Ivanţoc and Others v. Moldova and Russia, Boicenco v. Moldova, Manole and Others v. Moldova, Iordachi and Others v. Moldova, or Urechean and Pavlicenco v. Moldova.

Gribincea did his bachelor and masters studies at the Law Faculty of the State University of Moldova. In 2005, he graduated from the Chevening Program at Nottingham University, United Kingdom. Vladislav trained judges, prosecutors, lawyers and students on European Convention on Human Righ. He is the author of numerous publications concerning European Convention on Human Rights and independence and efficiency of judiciary.