LRCM presentation
Legal Resources Centre from Moldova (LRCM) is a Chisinau based non-profit non-governmental organization. LRCM is a think tank with extensive expertise in analyzing the activity and reforming the justice sector, reporting on human rights and representation before the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), ensuring the equality and nondiscrimination, as well as in promoting reforms for an enabling environment for civil society organizations. LRCM operates in the Republic of Moldova.

Our objectives

  • building an efficient, transparent, fair and credible judiciary;
  • raising awareness of authorities about human rights problems and identifying sustainable solutions for them;
  • building a culture of respect for human rights;
  • developing human rights friendly public policies.


We act via

  • public policy research;
  • monitoring and reporting on judiciary and human rights;
  • advocacy of best practices in the fields of justice and human rights;
  • human rights training;
  • strategic litigation.


What are we doing

  • assisting the Moldovan authorities in the process of elaboration of the policy documents and legislation in justice and human rights fields;
  • analyzing the ECtHR jurisprudence and the manner how its judgments have been executed by the Moldovan Government;
  • monitoring and reporting about the activity of the Supreme Council of Magistracy (SCM) and courts;
  • informing and training lawyers, journalists and law students in the fields of human rights and justice.

Our main successes

  • Upon Ministry of Justice request, LRCM developed the studies on optimization of the judicial mapspecialisation of judges and optimisation of the structure of the prosecution service. Based on these studies, in 2016, the Parliament voted for the optimisation of the judicial map, reducing the number of district courts from 44 to 15. This is one of the most important reforms of the Moldovan court system since Moldovan independence in 1991;
  • Between 2013 and 2016, the Executive Director of the LRCM led the interdepartmental working group for the reform of the prosecution service. In 2016, the Parliament voted the new Law on prosecution service, prepared by the working group. It involves the most serious reform of the Moldovan prosecution service since Moldovan independence;
  • In 2012 and 2015 LRCM published two reports about execution of judgments of the ECtHR by the Republic of Moldova. The report highlights the problems in execution of ECtHR judgments and makes recommendations for improvement of the situation. Based on findings from the first report, a new Law on Governmental Agent was adopted in 2015;
  • LRCM recommendations led, in 2012, to improvement of the provisions of the Moldovan Criminal Code incriminating torture;
  • LCRM recommendations on streamlining judicial procedures and respect for human rights led, in 2012, to amendments to Criminal and Civil Procedure Codes of Moldova;
  • In 2015 LRCM published an analysis of the compatibility of Moldovan legislation with European standards on equality and non-discrimination, focused on the legislative framework and national jurisprudence, including the activity and efficiency of the legal remedies offered by the Equality Council;
  • In 2013 our effort of monitoring the SCM resulted in the report “Transparency and efficiency of the Superior Council of Magistracy of the Republic of Moldova. 2010-2012”, with recommendations for streamlining the transparency and efficiency of the SCM.

LRCM Membership

  • National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum
  • Civil Society Platform “Pro Europe”
  • EU-Moldova Civil Society Platform